Doug Polk zu Gast im Poker Life Podcast


PokerLifePodcast_DougPolkSichtlich erholt und mit einigen Pfunden weniger auf den Rippen präsentiert sich Doug Polk im neuesten Poker Life Podcast von Joey Ingram. Die beiden Freunde finden in der fast zweieinhalbstündigen Sendung viele Themen, die es zu bereden gibt. Besonders Doug Polk lässt sich in der Show treiben und holt zu einem regelrechten Rundumschlag aus. Wem das Video-Interview zu lange dauert, der hat die Möglichkeit sich die für ihn relevanten Themen über die unten hinzugefügten Zeitstempel herauszufiltern.

Poker Life Podcast – Doug Polk Is BACK Firing Shots All Around


Zeitstempel des Podcasts:

0:00 START

0:28 Intro

1:50 upcoming podcast guests

2:30 Doug’s weight loss

3:50 Content grind and burnout

4:54 Counting calories vs Working out and overall Fitness/health

7:15 Doug’s Vids

8:40 Freedom and traveling

10:00 Hit the Poker Ceiling

10:59 Doug Shoutouts

12:15 VR Poker quick thoughts

13:30 Joey returns and talks about Cocaine

14:20 The GPI awards

18:30 Where is Doug traveling

19:22 Fake Positive people’s personas

26:20 Johnnie Vibes/Poker markup

38:30 Poker Vlogs

45:20 Social Media/Instagram content

48:39 back to vlogs/vloggers and what we idolize in poker

55:10 F*** the pros – what is poker about

57:30 Future of Online and Live Poker (BOTS)

59:20 Phil Nagy (ACR CEO) podcast and ACR bots

1:07:10 Bots possibly sharing cards in PLO / Weird hands/trends

1:10:24 Ryan Fee and playing poker

1:12:18 NLH vs THE GREAT GAME of PLO

1:16:40 What makes a game better than others

1:18:00 back to vlogs / Johnnie Vibes

1:19:40 Marle

1:20:40 shoutouts

1:23:07 ASMR

1:23:50 Charlie Carrel and controversial topics / F*** GTO

1:29:40 How Doug plays and teaches poker; GTO vs Exploitative

1:32:30 Why Doug doesn’t see value in debating Charlie Carrel

1:34:55 Game of Thrones

1:39:33 Conspiracy theories

1:41:09 Cat incident (played in wrong tournament)

1:45:40 how Joey asks questions

1:47:40 Drugs in Poker (weed/addy)

1:49:00 What’s new in Poker? How positive and negative stories compare

1:52:20 Poker Streaming (ALLINPAV crushing)

1:54:20 Ziigmund making out on Antonius stream

1:55:40 Garrett Adelstein – wanting to be the best at your hobbies/career

1:58:40 What does Doug have planned to do next?

2:00:00 DID I MENTION THE GIVEAWAY!? / Upswing Poker

2:02:10 Making money in the content space

2:06:10 Fight Videos/Breakdowns

2:08:40 Making Videos in other spaces– dealing with hate comments

2:12:50 Trying not to upset people and wanting everyone to like you

2:16:50 OOL discussions on the Pod

2:00:20 Luke Schwartz bad mouthing Doug on the Pod

2:24:00 Mending Fences with people / Refusing to admit wrongness

2:27:20 Pretending to be butterflies ending the pod

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