Kontroverse um Daniel Negreanu


Bei der PCA 2010 kam es zu einer merkwürdigen Hand zwischen Daniel Negreanu und einem unbekannten Spieler aus Italien. Daniel beschreibt die Angelegenheit in seinem Blog folgendermaßen :

So, before I get to the big hand I’m going to address a video that was posted on day one of a strange situation where I called the floor person:

Flop is As 2h 10d and an Italian player bets like 2000 and I call with 3h 4h. Turn is an As and he bets 2200- I call. The river is a 5c and he bets 4000. I had a decent stack and felt like he’d pay me off with a hand like AK or AQ. So I decided that I’d raise to 14,000, and if he re-raised me I’d have no choice but to fold.

He doesn’t see me re-raise and flips his hand face up. I see the Ace of diamonds as clear as day, and the other card looked to be a two across spade, meaning it was the 4s or the 5s. Now he wants to raise me 15,000 more and I say, “Why are you raising me! I saw your hand, lol.” I wasn’t exactly sure what his second card was, but I obviously assumed if he was raising me it couldn’t be the 4s and had to be the 5s or the 10s. The two guys on my left saw his hand much more clearly and knew exactly what he had.

I had exactly ZERO intention of ever calling a re-raise of even $20. I called the floor over to get a ruling on the right procedure in this instance. Does he get a penalty? Is his hand dead? Is he allowed to raise? Different places have different rules, and I thought it would be foolish to let this one go. I’d already let the guy get away with betting in a spot where his fingers were tapping like a check. I kindly said to him, “Sir, be careful with your hand, your finger is tapping the table and I can call that a check.”

The floor man decided that once he showed his hand he was only allowed to call my raise. No matter what the floor decided, it would not have changed the outcome of the hand in the least.

Durch seine Intervention kam Daniel somit zu einem preiswerten Showdown – das Raise des Italieners wurde vom Floor aberkannt. Fragwürdig ist die Entscheidung allemal, welchen Vorteil hat den der Reraiser wenn der Gegner seine Karten gesehen hat ? Egal ob aus Versehen, wie wohl ganz klar zu erkennen in diesem Fall, oder mit Absicht – zumal Negreanu offensichtlich nicht beide Holecards gesehen hat.

Was meint Ihr ?